Basketball League

Basketball League Poster

From December to January, Thursday nights from 6:00-8:00PM will be our Basketball League. All you need is 5 to 7 players for a team!

Fees are just $25 per person for the season.

Dates and times subject to change - For up to date information call the Elgin Recreation Center.

All league participants must be at least 18 years of age, have signed a waiver and paid their league fee prior to the start date of the league.


Register here:

Rules & Guidelines


All players must be 18 years of age or older. Players may only play on a team on which they are registered. All players must have registered and paid their dues by 12/5/19 in order to participate in the league. No player substitutions will be permitted during the league.

Elgin Parks & Recreation reserves the right to suspend any player at any time for unsportsmanlike conduct, violation of any rules, for failure to pay appropriate without a refund.


A team consists of 5 players on the court at a time, and any number of registered alternates. Every player present is required to play at least one quarter.

Each team shall have one Captain or 2 Co-Captains who are charged with:

• Making sure that only players registered on their team are participating on their behalf

• Disputing a call on the field and remaining professional

• Making sure everyone on their team understands and follows the rules.

• Communicating information to their team as distributed by the Elgin Recreation Center


The Elgin Recreation Center will provide 2 basketballs for use during the regularly scheduled games. Teams are encouraged to have their own uniforms or wear an agreed upon color. Scrimmage jerseys are available upon request.


To ensure the Elgin Recreation Center stays a safe, family friendly environment for all patrons the following list of rules that will be strictly enforced.

• Zero Tolerance Policy for violence or abusive language; you will be ejected from the league forfeiting all fees and banned from the premises if appropriate

• Any team which consistently exhibits poor sportsmanship will be eliminated from the league with forfeiture of all fees

• Abusive language or harassment of any Recreation Center member of staff or referees is strictly forbidden; you will be ejected from the league forfeiting all fees

• Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are not allowed on the premises – any evidence of the use of drugs or alcohol prior to the game will result in the police being called

• No food or open containers are permitted in the gym at any time

• All Elgin Recreation Center Guidelines must be followed at all times while on the premises

The Elgin Recreation Center staff reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises at their discretion.


• Games will be played full court and consist of four 7-minute quarters and a 5-minute halftime.

• Games will be scored regularly – regular basketball rules – as called by provided referee(s).

• Each team is allowed two (2) 1-minute time outs per game, or four (4) 30-second time outs per game.

• Fouls will be called at the referee’s discretion. Only 5 fouls are permitted per team per game. Excessive fouling will result in being removed from the league forfeiting all fees.

o Personal Fouls: Hitting, pushing, slapping, holding or other unwanted physical contact

• Violations will be called at the referee’s discretion