DIY Sandbox for Kids

My family lives on two acres and my kids are constantly wanting to be outside. Even though we have land to explore, sometimes it can get boring, and as a mom I am always trying to keep my kids entertained.

Living in Elgin, we all know that keeping wildlife, cats and bugs out of a sandbox is nearly impossible! We have a lot of animals so keeping a sandbox clean is a task. I have bought sandboxes from stores that have lids but they just are not practical for our yard; they are either impossible to move or the lids do not clip shut so bugs like ants and fleas are still able to get inside. The best solution for this I have found is getting a storage bin that has locking sides and filling it with sand.

I was able to buy the storage bin and sand at Walmart for a low price, which ultimately turned out to be less expensive than a store bought sandbox. To make your own sandbox buy the shallow, long storage bins and a bag of natural play sand from the gardening center. When summer comes along, you can easily find pails and toys to use in the sand. I usually buy two bins, one for my son and one for my daughter.

These DIY Sandboxes keep my kids entertained for hours. These DIY sandboxes are easy to move around so you can shift from the yard, to patio to garage depending on the weather. This is a simple solution, but a great opportunity to provide some summer fun year round!

May you and your children have hours of fun!

sandbox 2
  • Large, shallow storage bins
  • Natural play sand
  • Beach toys
When purchasing sand, be sure to only purchase play sand. Sand used for construction is not appropriate for use with children. 

Written By: Meghan Newman - Elgin Rec Center  |  Photo Credit: Meghan Newman – Elgin Rec Center