Saving the Earth One Small Step at a Time

Protecting and taking care of our earth is something every individual should do and keep in mind while we go about our everyday lives. Today I will be sharing with you simple ways to better our planet.

Grounds crew planting tree

Conserve water

Doing things like turning off the sink water while brushing your teeth, or taking a shower instead of a bath will help maintain water supply.

Plant a tree

Planting a tree in your yard will help save energy, clean the air, and fight against climate change. They also provide food and oxygen.

Drive less

Carpool with people that are going to the same place as you, take public transportation, ride a bike or walk to reduce your environmental footprint. 

Use energy efficient light bulbs

These light bulbs will last much longer then traditional ones, burn through less electricity when in use, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Buy a reusable water bottle

Instead of going through hundreds of plastic bottles a month, buy a reusable water bottle to reduce your use of plastic.

Anyone has the ability to help save and better our environment. Taking these steps now can help promise a good future for the generations to come. 

Written By: Loren Marcos - Elgin Rec Center | Photograph By: Elizabeth Marzec - Program Manager