The Patrol Division is under the leadership of Lieutenant John Corbett who is another veteran police officer with over thirty years of experience. Lieutenant Corbett is also a graduate of the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Leadership Command College.

The Patrol Division is the uniformed division of the department and responsible for being the first response to the calls for service that are received by the department. Lieutenant Corbett is assisted in the patrol division by 2 uniformed Sergeants: Sergeant Frank Delgado and Sergeant David Gerloff.

The Patrol Division is responsible for:
  • Assisting the public as needed
  • Enforcing laws and ordinances
  • Motorist assists
  • Taking reports
  • Traffic complaints
  • Working traffic
Speed Trailer
The Patrol Division is also responsible for the maintenance and deployment of the department’s Speed Trailer. The Speed Trailer is a specialized speed monitoring trailer that the department puts out in various locations to seek voluntary compliance with posted speed limits. The trailer reads the speed of oncoming vehicles and prominently displays the speed so the driver is made aware of exactly how fast they are going. The speed trailer cannot issue citations and is only utilized to gain voluntary compliance from the driving public.

Patrol Division

Included in the Patrol Division are our School Resource Officers. The Department works in conjunction with the Elgin Independent School District to keep one officer assigned to the Elgin Middle School and one officer assigned to the Elgin High School. Currently, Officer Bill Silva is assigned to the Elgin Middle School and Officer Chelsea Griffin is assigned to Elgin High School.