Why Elgin?

Elgin is Perfectly Situated. That’s the message we’re sending to firms and investors who are looking for the right place to create jobs and communities in Central Texas. Elgin is a small town that’s growing, in touch with its past and an eye on the future.

What makes us Perfectly Situated?

There’s our


to Austin. We’re in the fastest growing region within the fastest growing metro area in the fastest growing state in the nation. We’re 20 miles from downtown Austin, 10 miles from the SH 130 corridor, and we’ve got both new roads and future rail links to get from here to there.

There’s the


of Elgin. We’re smart but well-grounded and committed to seeing our town grow and change in the right way. We love and want to keep Elgin’s character while adding new opportunities for progress that make life here better for everyone.

And we’re


for what we want to achieve. We’ve been working hard on our vision for the community and the surrounding area. We’ve adopted a progressive comprehensive plan and are bringing it to life. And we’re working with our economic development program to help firms and investors make the right choices.

That’s why Elgin is Perfectly Situated for creating opportunities.

We’re ready to go and prepared to help.

Excellent Location

30 minutes east of Austin's Downtown
30 minutes to Austin's Internat'l Airport
10 minutes east of SH130

Great Market

Retail Trade Area of 47,745 people 
15 Mile Radius 61,808 people
Median Household Income $54,000 
Retail Market Demands $455.5 mil

Large Labor Pool

Greater Elgin Area - 47,745 people
Quality Workforce

Tremendous Opportunity

Affordable Land Values
Economic Incentives
Available Utilities

Significant Growth

1,850 Single Family platted
3,340 Single Family conceptual 

Unique Character

Texas Main Street City
Sausage Capital of Texas 
Brick Capital of the Southwest

The Elgin EDC, the City of Elgin and the Greater Elgin Chamber of Commerce work together to ensure successful business expansion or relocation with cash incentives, discounted property, property tax assistance, small business assistance, and access to state assistance programs.

Economic Development

  1. Owen Rock
    Owen Rock

    310 N Main Street
    P.O. Box 591
    Elgin, TX 78621

    Phone: 512-281-5724
    Fax: 512-281-3016 

    Monday - Friday
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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