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Elgin is a Film Friendly Texas Town!
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City of Elgin Film Guide


* 2008 Temple Grandin
HBO Films,
Clare Danes (A)
* 2007 Wire on the Blood
British Television Series

* 2007 The Bubble Gum King

* 2007 Dr Phil or Dr Doolittle?
Documentary EHS Students and Mobil Film School
* 2004 Slipping Down Live
Guy Pearce (A)
* 2004 Tom’s Wife
Bradi Allen (A)
* 2004 Friday Night Lights
Bill Bob Thorton (A)
* 2004 Music Video Los Lonely Boys
* 2003 The Alamo
Dennis Quaid (A), Billy Bob Thorton (A)
* 2002 25th Hour
Spike Lee (D), Edward Norton (A), Phillip Symour Hoffman (A)
* 2000 Picnic
Josh Roland (A), Gretchen Mole 9A)
* 1999 Varsity Blues
John Voight (A), James Vanderbeck (A), Amy Smart (A)
* 1996 Children of the Corn IV
Greg Spence (D), Naomi Watts (A), Jamie R Smith (A)
* 1996 Michael
Nora Ephron (D), John Travolta (A), Andy McDowell (A)
* 1996 Cadillac Ranch
Suzy Amis (A), Christopher Lloyd (A)
* 1995 The Big Green
Steve Guttenberg (A), Olivia d’Abo (A)
* 1994 Shadows of Desire
Nicollette Sheridan (A), Joe Lando (A), Adrian Pasdar (A)
* 1993 What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Johnny Depp (A) Leonardo DiCaprio (A)
* 1993 Perfect World
Clint Eastwood (D), Kevin Costner (A)
* 1991 In Broad Daylight
Brian Dennehy (A)
* 1990 Album cover photo
Stevie Ray Vaughn (RA)
* 1975 Great Waldo Pepper
Robert Redford (A)

* 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Toby Hopper (D)

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