5 Small Things to Improve Your Health

We tend to forget that our bodies are very important, and in order for it to function we must always take care of it. Now taking care of it doesn’t always have to mean running a mile every day or becoming vegan. There are many small things you can start to do in your everyday life that will be good for your body and overall improve your health. Today I will be sharing with you just 5 simple ways to start.

1. Take cold showers. With the water temperature below 70 degrees, this can increase endorphins, help improve your metabolism, improve circulation, and may also give your skin and hair a healthy glow. Make sure to ease into the habit.

2. Drink only water with your meals. Many often neglect to drink water throughout the day, when you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. With drinking only water with your meals, this is a good start to drinking more.

3. Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. About an hour before bed, avoid any electronics and instead read a book or journal to calm down from the day.

4. Go outside. At least once a day go outside for a walk by yourself, with a friend, or walk your dogs around the neighborhood to get some sun, or simply sit outside to read a book or journal.

5. Sit up straight. It will reduce low back pain, reduce less tension in your shoulders and neck, and help strengthen your core.

By starting the small changes like these in your daily routine, you are on the path to improving your health, and life.  

Man walking dog EMP
Written By: Loren Marcos - Elgin Rec Center  |   Photography By: Elizabeth Marzec - Program Manager