Code Enforcement

Location & Responsibilities
The City of Elgin Code Enforcement Department is located in the Elgin Business Park off of Highway 290, and is part of the Planning & Development Department. 

As part of their responsibilities, the Code Enforcement Officers perform mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspections on existing homes for remodels and additions. They also investigate and take action on potential code violations.

Cities across Texas are relying more and more on Code Enforcement as the first line of defense for health, safety and quality of life concerns as well as environmental crimes. Citizens are becoming more involved in reporting issues they see in their daily lives.  Contact the Code Enforcement Department to report your concerns.

Top 10 Code Violations
Weedy Lots
Junked Vehicles
Bulky Waste
Illegal Signs
Illegal Dumping
Illegal Burning
Dilapidated Structures
Building & Fencing
Health & Sanitation