Business Incentives & Assistance

Incentives Policy – The City of Elgin and the Elgin Economic Development Corporation strive to work with businesses to facilitate their expansion and/or relocation to the community. Incentives are reviewed based on capital investment, job creation, wages, and impact of the company on the community.  

  1. Economic DevelopmentĀ Incentives Agreement
  2. Economic Development Sales Tax
  3. Economic Development Programs
  4. Site/Building Location
  5. Waiver of Fees
  6. Fast Track Permitting
  7. Job Training Assistance
  8. Enterprise Zone Designation
  9. Foreign Trade Zone Designation
  10. Deferred Annexation

The City of Elgin's goal in offering incentives is to promote economic activity and increase the City's tax base. Consideration in offering incentives will be given to those projects that facilitate investment and development opportunities in any location inside Elgin's corporate City Limits. New and expanding businesses are especially encouraged to apply for incentives in the "Main Street District" to expand and develop the downtown shopping experience for the community.  

The Elgin EDC, the City of Elgin, the Elgin Main Street Board and the Elgin Chamber of Commerce work together to ensure successful business expansion or relocation with cash incentives, discounted property, property tax assistance, small business assistance, and access to state assistance programs.

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