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FY2019-20 Community Non-Profit Funding Support

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  2. Scoring 5 = High, 1 = Low

  3. 1. Community need for human/social services provide is clear*

  4. 2. Objectives are specifically stated and measurable*

  5. 3. Impacts the quality of life of a significant number of people in the Elgin=n community*

  6. 4. Evaluation strategy & performance measures clearly stated; and are relevant to the objectives & activities to address community needs*

  7. 5. Project participation, collaboration, and support of residents, community, and/or business partners*

  8. 6. Addresses issues or problems that the City as a government agency does not currently address*

  9. 7. Potential to have a major impact on the City and provides for a public purpose*

  10. 8. Projects/programs are sustainable over time*

  11. 9. Budget is complete, realistic, accurate, and appropriate*

  12. Please add the total score from the questions above.

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